Meet Our Team

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Adams
Bill Boyle, M.D.
Mary Brown
Elizabeth Chabot, Secretary
Jack Wilson
Helen Damon-Moore
Charles Wheelan
Nina McCampbell
Leslie Potter
Arline S. Rotman
Janine Williamson Kanzler
John Ruth, Treasurer
Kathleen O. Snyder, Vice Chair
Posie Taylor, Chair



Mary Smit, Executive Director,

Christopher Ashley, Early Intervention Service Coordinator,

Laura Bachus, Development Coordinator,

Corin Benedict, Families Learning Together Life Science/Math Teacher,

Shevie Brooks, Reach Up Resource Coordinator,

Sarah Canterbury, Family Support Specialist, Playgroup Coordinator,

Debbie Cushman, Bookkeeper,

Julia Dickenson, JewelryO’s Jewelry Supervisor, Early Intervention,

Prue Fisher, Early Intervention Service

Pat Fortier, Administrative Assistant, Front Desk,

Kelly French, Children’s Integrated Services Nurse, Early Intervention Developmental Educator,

Julie Gaudette, Director Windsor County SIU,

Sasha Garfinkle, Front Desk/Administrative Assistant,

Ashley Haskell, Child Care Teacher,

Jody Horan, Families Learning Together English Teacher,

Delaina Johnson, Early Intervention Developmental Educator,

Tonya McMurray, Mental Health Counselor,   

Helene Meloche, Families Learning Together Coordinator, Reach Up Specialist, 

Alex Myrick, Child Care Teacher,        

Martha Neary, SIU Interview Specialist,

Dianne Norton, Operations and Finance Director, Facility Management, 

Mary Nyhan, Family Services Coordinator,

Margo O’Day, Kitchen Supervisor,

Kate O’Donnell, Early Intervention Program Coordinator,

Katie Ouelette, Child Advocacy Center Coordinator,

Audrey Perry, Child Care Director,

Kathy Petuck, Child Care Financial Assistance Specialist,

Ana Santos, Child Care Teacher,

Sarah Schneider, Early Intervention Developmental Educator,

Jools Skeet, Early Intervention Developmental Educator,

Megan Snider, Reach Up Resource Coordinator,

Lori Stever, Early Intervention Service Coordinator, 

Sue Swensen, Specialized Child Care Coordinator/Eligibility Specialist,

Kelly Wallace, Children’s Integrated Services Coordinator, Holiday Help Coordinator,  

Lisa Wills, Early Intervention,